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KB CPA Services P.A. has helped hundreds of clients over the years with their tax and accounting needs in addition to many other services. KB CPA has a team of tax professionals that offer great value to it’s existing and future clients.

We offer Individual and Business Tax Return Preparation, Bookkeeping, Audit, Review and Compilation for profit and nonprofit organizations,  Crypto Tax Consulting, Merger & Acquisition – Tax, International Tax and Expat Tax Services.

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Tax Services
17 years
Accounting and Financial Statements Preparation Services
17 years
Audit, Review and Compilation
17 years
Consulting - Merger & Acquisition, International Tax and Expat Tax Services
17 years

Quality Service Guaranteed

we assure you by choosing the KB CPA services you are making a perfect decision and you will get the highest quality of service.

International Tax experience

Our CPAs, Tax advisors and Accountants have hands on International Experience. Especially if you are looking for Expat CPA or Expat Tax Professional, then you are at Right place.

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Our expert CPA and Accountants can be available in-office via phone, chat or video. We’re here when you need us.

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