FTB tax return-FTB Refund status

FTB tax return: If you have paid too much tax, you may be able to get a tax refund. You can check your refund status by sing the check refund services.

Before starting these services

You will need:

  • ZIP Code
  • Social security number
  • Amount of your exact refund
  • In your mailing address numbers

Takes to receive a refund service normally it requires some time:

  • Up to three months for paperUp to three weeks for e-file

From identity theft and fraud, some tax returns need extra review for completeness, protection of taxpayers, and accuracy. It also may be necessary extra processing time.

We will mail you a letter if you received a different refund amount than the amount on your tax return. Before you contact us you will wait for the letter.

Golden state stimulus:

To track your golden state stimulus payment you cannot use our check refund services. To check your income tax refund status this service is only allowed to you. The golden state stimulus services are not an income tax refund service. About the golden state stimulus payments if you are contacting us. First, you must file your eligible 2020 tax return, and for the complete processing wait for that return. For return processing timeframes are listed below. What are the timeframes to receive the payments and how you will receive the payment and much other information about the golden state stimulus payments including eligibility requirements you can found by searching on our website “Golden state stimulus”.



Immediately payments are processed by the bank. However, to your FTB account, your payment will take longer to post. At the post office due to a significant delay, at FTB some June payments arrived via mail up to a month late. If they arrived on time this payment will be treated. By the taxpayers or their representatives, no action is needed.

Option of payments

Here are some options of payments

For the individuals

  • Web pay: up to 5 business days
  • Credit card: up to 7 business days
  • Mail; up to 14 business days

For the businesses

  • Web pay: up to 1 month
  • Credit card: up to 1 month
  • Mail: up to 1 month

Returns and refund

Normal processing time in businesses and individuals are:


  • Up to four weeks for paper
  • Up to three weeks for e-file


  • Up to four months for paper
  • Up to four months for e-file

You have not received your refund?

Some tax returns can take a longer time than fall into this category. These are extra reviews for accuracy; protect taxpayer and completeness from identity theft and fraud.

Requesting additional information you will receive a notice from us and your refund within:


  • Up to six months for paper
  • Up to six months for e-file


  • Up to four months for paper
  • Up to one month for e-file

Amended returns

  • Six months for businesses
  • Five months for individuals

About business refund contacts us:


Tel: 954-510-9188

For the business entity information press 2, any other information press 4, and to speak with a representative press 2 and wait.


In this article, I will discuss all the timeframes and payment methods of FTB tax return. All categories and requirements will be discussed in this article.

Timeframes of a tax return for the individual and businesses will be described here. All possibilities and requirements are also described above.

If you make an appointment with the representative the contact number also be given in the above article.



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