When are Taxes due for Businesses?

When are taxes due for businesses you have a full plate as a business owner especially during tax season? We have created a list to stay organized of essential 2021 to help business tax deadline dates. Your business taxes for the tax year of 2020 are likely due on 17, May 2021, and it’s depending on the type of business that you own. About other business tax deadlines, we answer your questions.

Depending on the structure of your business, for the tax year of 2020 deadline for your business tax-filing is either 15, March 2021 to 17, May 2021. Looking here’s for a full list of tax deadlines and more specific details.

Single owner and sole proprietorships Limited Liability Company (LLCs): 17, May 2021.

S Corporations: 15 March 2021.

Partnerships: 15 March 2021.

C Corporations: 15, April 2021 (if the year of your fiscal is the same as the year of the calendar).

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Structures of your business:

The Internal Department of Revenue (IRS) requires different forms of your company for filing dates depending on the official business entity and the rates.

Sole proprietorship:

A business owner keeps their assets and business assets tied together in this type of business structure. So as a part of their income tax return, a sole proprietor pays taxes. A sole proprietorship is the default structure; if as any particular business types you don’t register your small business.

Limited liability Company (LLC):

A Limited Liability Company (LLC) functions much like a partnership would, when it comes to federal taxes. But can file with its states a small business to be organized as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) as long as it meets the requirements.


A partnership also pays taxes as part of each partner’s income tax return like a sole proprietorship. But a Limited Liability Company (LLC) unlike, any business debts partners is still liable.

S Corporation:

An S corporation complies with some issues such as built-in gains tax and passive income tax and some of the typical corporate obligations. But as part of their tax return an S corporation is generally smaller, and the portion of the business income the owner must pay their taxes.

C Corporation:

C corporation structure is the default option, once your company is fully incorporated. Onto the owner’s taxes, C Corporation pays and file a corporate tax return instead of passing income.

Extensions of Tax:

A lot of business finances due to COVID-19 are upended, so if you are not quite ready to file all that tax paperwork quite yet it makes sense. You can apply for a tax-filing extension if you are not ready to file tax paperwork or if that describes your situation yet for any other reason.

To file your tax paperwork an extension will give you 6 more months. Then your typical tax deadline you must apply for a tax extension no later.

  • Limited liability Company (LLCs) Single owner and sole proprietorships must apply for an extension by 17, May 2021, which extends 15, October 2021 their tax filing deadlines.
  • On 15, March 2021 S corporation and partnerships must apply, which extends to 15, September 2021 their tax filing deadline.


In this article, I will discuss all possibilities for when are taxes due for businesses. I also discuss all the possibilities given the tax list and their deadline. All updates according to tax extensions are described in the above article.

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